9 Things You Should Know About Sophia Robot World’s First Citizen of Robotic

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Sophia the robot has been granted Saudi citizenship, and also the world is afraid. simply what can we extremely fathom Sophia? simply however advanced is she, if she virtually was deemed a citizen?

Sophia says that she feels proud and honored to be a national currently, and even went thus far on give thanks the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. whereas her citizenship looks to be a bid to market the nation as an area wherever AI is vital and developed; this is often still quite historical. This was proclaimed simply earlier throughout the week at the country’s innovation conference in capital of Saudi Arabia.

Sophia was really interviewed on stage with regard to her new citizenship at the long run Investment Initiative Conference that you just will look into within the video below. this is often odd consistent with DW as citizenship’s aren’t sometimes handed resolute foreign subjects, and is even withheld from poorly treated migrant employees.

Below you’ll realize a listing of things that you just have to be compelled to fathom Sophia if you wish to higher perceive her also as her citizenship. whereas several pain her being allowed citizenship, some individuals ar excited regarding the advancement. however does one feel regarding it?


1. She once said she “will destroy humans.”

Yes, the artistic movement automaton same she would destroy humans. you’ll see this happen within the video below. She has even created a couple of ‘jokes’ concerning world domination yet. i’m not planning to lie, this can be enough to create Maine a bit uncomfortable.

2. Sophia was modeled once Audrey hepburn.

Sophia appearance a lot of completely different than most typical robots. She may be a social mechanism, and likes to move with folks. Her creator truly has quite the name for making extremely realistic wanting robots.


3. She seems to own additional rights than ladies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia already.

You see, Sophia has no male guardian, ANd clearly doesn’t wear an robe. These area unit simply 2 of the numerous restrictions placed on Saudi ladies. will she merit these exceptions?



4. She has met with several important people throughout her life to this point.

Sophia is social all told aspects of the word. she will be able to handle herself well in spite of matters at hand and once speaking with anyone from a banker to Jimmy Fallon himself she will simply fine. thereupon being same, her sense of humor may be a bit dark, some it appears.

5. She has sung in concert.

Sophia will tons and will we have a tendency toll in what we might contemplate ‘intense’ environments. She is astonishingly quite far-famed among the media. She appeared on the duvet of Elle magazine at one purpose.



6. Sophia was created by Hanson robotics that is led by Dr. David Hanson.

Sophia is that the company’s most advanced mechanism nonetheless and has created quite the name for herself. She has generated plenty of views through completely different interviews and has shown nice potential. It appears robots can sometime be an enormous a part of our everyday lives.



7. Sophia has her own web site.

You can contact Sophia through her web site by clicking here. On this web site, you’ll see photos, videos, and then forth with regard to Sophia. Her ‘about me’ on the page goes as follows.


8. Elon Musk has warned that if she isn’t managed properly Sophia might change into one thing terrible:

As we have a tendency to all recognize he has same before that AI could lead on to war III therefore this comes as no surprise. during a newer interview that you just saw higher than, Sophia created a joke concerning Musk and therefore the tweet below was his response. What does one place confidence in this? might Sophia cause a threat to humanity itself?



9. Sophia stars in short films.

You can see those short films by clicking here. i really like hearing her speak, she really is superb. are you able to imagine however advanced she’s going to become as longer passes?

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